Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Rank your site higher in search results (eg. Google & Bing) and get free organic traffic to your website.

Getting Traffic Organically

Search Engines like Google and Bing allow people to search for desired information on the internet. In order to provide the best relevant information, search engines crawl millions of websites and apply algorithms to sort links based relevance on search terms.

Even though, you can definitely run ads on search engines to place your links to the top search results, it is not cost-effective to keep paying for impressions and clicks. If your website provides valuable information, search engines may be “forced” to show your links as their results in order to be “accurate” otherwise people may switch other platforms.

Note: Applying SEO does not mean that your website will be ranked higher immediately as it takes time for search engines to crawl and determine relevance of your links and is subjected many considerations such as the list below.

Things to consider for SEO
  • Content & Keyword Strategy
  • Content Value & Readability
  • Search Engine Metadata
  • Social Media Sharing Metadata (Link Preview)
  • Structured Data
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Error Monitoring
  • Domain Age
  • Keyword Competition
  • Backlinks From Other Websites

Past SEO Success

SUFYAA specialises in creating customised modest outfits and dresses to suit your event theme or style and wanted to brand themselves as a modest bridal studio.

Result - Rank Number 1 Link for "Modest Bridal Studio"

Toko Warisan Trading started their online grocery e-commerce store with us during the COVID-19 pandemic and now has over 75% of their sales & revenue coming from organic (free) search results. It means that the website will continue to get sales even if no paid ads or marketing is done.

Result - Rank Number 1 for "Halal Frozen Food"

DESSA Products produces premix pastes for convenient cooking and wanted more people to discover them so we researched on search term for find cooking pastes and found that among the highest search term was “instant cooking pastes”.

Result - First Page for "Instant Cooking Pastes"

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