Our Works

Explore our impressive portfolio featuring a diverse range of projects, from client collaborations to innovative in-house creations. 


We build beautiful & fast mobile-friendly websites on popular platforms like WordPress, Wix or Shopify. We are also capable of building a fully customised bespoke website if necessary.

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Mobile Apps

We specialize in creating iPhone, iPad, and Android apps ready for publication on iOS AppStore and Google PlayStore.

One of the top muslim apps in Singapore with over 100,000 downloads and is highly rated in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore. It uses several key features and technologies only available only on mobile devices.


SqSave is the innovative fully AI-driven investment service offered by PIVOT Fintech, a Singapore-based technology company regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


The Fuzzie Club is an exclusive, invite-only membership programme that gives you insider access to the greatest privileges ever by hundreds of popular brands from dining, groceries, entertainment, healthcare, fitness, beauty, kids, activities, cars, pets and lots more.


We built WhereHalal app to solve the problem of finding halal food places especially when we have meetings at unfamiliar places. Within seconds, we’re able to show nearby halal restaurants. The app has over 30,000 downloads and over 1 million monthly page views on the website.


Zendesk Chat is the live chat software trusted and loved by enterprises and small business worldwide. The iPhone & iPad app provides many of the great features available on the web dashboard.


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